Top 10 Makeup Artists In Kolkata

Every girl’s dream is to be so nicely presented herself at her dreamy affair and for that, you need an experienced makeup artist who can give you a perfectly beautiful look which you have always dreamt of. The fact is known to all that finding an efficient beauty expert is so difficult. The work of steady hands and a lot of techniques are needed to boom your beautiful look and for this reason, the top ten best, popular, and experienced makeup artists are included here and choose one of them according to your wish list and budget.

  1. Jyoti Verma Makeup Artist:

MUA Jyoti Verma is one of the popular makeup artists and she has had a considerable fan following in the past three years and for that, people are thankful for her intricate bridal work and her booming makeup. Facebook & Instagram profile.

2. Debi’s Primer Makeup:

Debi Das is one of the best-experienced makeup artists in Kolkata and she has both nationally and internationally work experience also has done around five thousand bridal makeup all over the world. Infrequent times she is booked two years in advance and that is not a matter of joke.

She becomes famous for her minimalistic natural airbrush makeup that leaves a subtle soft glow to the skin and this way the lead makeup artist Debi Das becomes a darling of Bengali brides who are now exquisite to adorn by the famous makeup artist Debi Das to follow the expert’s review and magical makeup work.

Celebrities are also ardent to be adorned for attending many special events by the leading beauty expert Debi Das.

She is lovable to all as she has kept the bridal makeup prices the same for the past few years and this way it becomes possible for the brides and celebrities to hire the famous beauty expert at a reasonable price in the City Of Joy.             

  • Pros: Internationally certified Airbrush beauty expert and also a celebrity makeup artist, best quality at lowest price, 
  • Debi’s Primer Makeup Speciality: Makeup is done as a natural minimalist makeup and applying this makeup a bride’s own beauty is enhanced through efficient coloration and meticulous highlighting and contouring. 
  • Mentors: Keya Seth, Rama Gussain (Actress Dipika Padukone’s beauty expert), Frederick Sanders (Singer Ariana Grande’s makeup artist), Jawed Habib.
  • Makeup Trial: Yes
  • Travel’s To Venue: Yes(all over India) 
  • Offers HD/ Airbrush Makeup: Both
  • The Makeup Also Includes: Saree draping and hairstyling. Also, you can be charged for false lashes and hair extensions.   
  • Makeup Brands Used: MAC, HUDA Beauty, Bobbi Brown, Sephora, Makeup Forever, Revlon, Nyx, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Krylon. 
  • Family Member’s Makeup Price: Rs 3k-5k

3. Pinky Das Makeup Artist:

Pinky Das is also a renowned and highly reviewed bridal makeup artist and she is specialized in theatre and television makeup. She deserves that higher position for her creative Kohl eyes infusion into traditional Bengali bridal makeup.

She is becoming famous among the elite and modest (the kom khoroche bridal makeup love her), and she has an impeccable team of super makeup artists and this team has won the makeup contest left and right.

She also has her own studio which includes her own bridal jewelry, bridal dress, and bridal lehenga rental store. This way she decreases the burden of tension of the bride who can shop bridal costumes and with these matching accessories from Priya Das’s studio. Despite this, she also trains young people who are interested to learn the process of makeup in Kolkata and other cities.   

  • Mentor: Jawed Habib
  • The Makeup Also Includes: Saree Draping And Hair Styling, also takes extra charge for false lashes or hair extension.
  • Makeup Brands: MAC, Revlon, HUDA Beauty, Krylon, L’Oreal
  • Offers HD/ Airbrush Makeup: Both
  •  Family Member’s Makeup Price: Rs 3k-5k
  • Makeup Trial: Yes(paid)
  • Address: Pinky MUA, Bagmari, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
  • Travel To Venue: Yes

4. Anirudha Chakladar Bridal Makeup Artist:

Mr. Anirudh Chakladar, the grand-daddy of Bengali makeup is a jewel of the Bengali makeup industry.

It is said that the man is so busy when he tries to complete the entire bridal makeup and after finishing the bride’s eye makeup so perfectly beautiful he gives the responsibility of other makeup to his assistant who is also the bridal make so efficiently.

Therefore, for the brides who want to do their eye make by this professional and then why are you waiting for them and this is the best time to contact him and hire for your bridal makeup.  

  • Mentor: Pandhari Juker
  • Offers HD/ Airbrush Makeup: High Definition (HD) 
  • Brands: MAC only
  • Makeup Trial: No
  • Travels To Venue: No
  • Pros: Celebrity makeup artist who worked with the top directors and also plans for the entire look.
  • Family Members Makeup Price: Rs 8k (only done by the assistant) 
  •  Address: 8/13 Fern Road, Kolkata-7000019 West Bengal, India.

5. Abhijit Chanda Makeup Artist:

He is actually into fashion makeup but now he has started bridal makeup across the city especially South Kolkata.

You have to make your appointment so early as he is busy teaching his students who are interested in learning makeup in his own academy. If you are looking for a cheap beauty expert then you have done a mistake as he charges a premium for his services.  

  •  Abhijit Chanda’s Speciality: Likes to experiment with loud albeit elegant marriage makeup.
  • The Makeup Also Includes: Saree Draping, hairstyling (done more intricate bridal hairstyle and charges for this hairstyle more.)
  • Offers HD/ Airbrush Makeup: High Definition(HD)
  •  Bridal Makeup Price: Rs 40,000
  • Brand Used: MAC, HUDA Beauty
  • Family Members Makeup Price: Rs 8k (done by his assistant)
  • Makeup Artist Course’s Price: Rs 30,000
  • Address: Abhijit Chanda Studio, 74 Raja Basanta Roy Road. Lake Terrace, Kalighat, Kolkata-700029, WB.
  • Face book: abhijitchandaofficial
  • Email:

5. Kakoli Sengupta Studio:

Kakoli Sengupta, another popular bridal makeup artist in Kolkata has made her identity as a bridal beauty expert and is also known as a reputed makeup teacher.

She is an owner of a wide collection of bridal wedding costumes and bridal accessories and for that, the brides do not have to take extra pressure for shopping for their wedding costumes and with these matching jewellery as they can rent these to save the expenditures.     

  • Bridal Makeup Price: Rs 35,000- Rs 40,000
  • The Makeup Also Includes: Saree Draping and hairstyling (Mehendi packages also included)
  • Offers Hd/ Airbrush Makeup: Both
  • Guests Makeup Price: Rs 7k
  • Mentor: Late Prabir De
  • Parlor: K-Hair & Beauty Salon on 21st June 2012
  • Makeup-Artist Traning Academy: Glitz & Glamour
  • Mobile: 91 9836231831/ 9836381831/ 033-2416- 1345
  • Address: 1235, Survey Park, C 15, Sammilani, Santoshpur, Kolkata- 700075

7. Keya Seth Bridal Studio:

Keya Seth, all people of Bengal are known for this popular name has carved a special place in the heart of Bengalis and they can get all solutions of their problems of beauty-related. 

  • The Makeup Also Includes: Saree Draping and hairstyling (Mehendi packages and pre-bridal packages are also available there)
  • Family Members Makeup Price: Rs 7k(only done by her assistant)
  • Offers HD/ Airbrush Makeup: Both
  • Address: 61, Satish Mukherjee Rd, Manoharpukur, Kalighat, Kolkata-700029, WB.
  • Ujjal Debnath Makeup Artist:

Ujjal Debnath, one of the best party makeup experts in Kolkata is also efficient in bridal makeup. If you attend any party and want to be the main attraction of the party then why are you waiting for and you need just contact him, the talented beauty expert to be presented as gorgeous and stunning as you want and Ujjal, the best beauty expert can adorn you so perfectly beautiful that you become the attraction of this party. He chooses that party makeup which is nude makeup with a dash of kajal. In most of the wedding venues, people are evident of his adorning bride whose make he has done so beautifully.   

  • Makeup-Artist Courses Price: Not offered

8. Mayuri Sinha Sarkar Makeup Artist:

MUA Mayuri is one of the popular makeup artists and she has a considerable fan following in the past three years and for that, people are thankful to her intricate bridal work and her booming makeup academy. Now she does not want to visit any wedding venue for bridal makeup and only does studio bridal makeup and the bookings are started from now.   

  • Address: Anandapuri, Barrackpore, Kol-700122, WB.
  • Makeup-Artist Courses Price: Rs 25,000

9. Prasenjit  Biswas Makeup:

Prasenjit Biswas, another popular beauty expert who gives Poorna Patel’s first look as a Mrs He has worked with many celebrities like Kriti Kharbanda, Riya Sen, and also many more. If you want to hire this beauty expert you have to book him as soon as possible. 

  • Address: 15, Dhaniapara Road, Kol-700122

10. Jitu Barman Makeup Artist:

Jitu Barman, the king of bridal makeup on YouTube is also one of the famous makeup artists in Kolkata. Actually, he is Assam based and for that, he does rarely Bengali bridal makeup at West Bengal and neighbouring states. In Assam, he has a makeup studio and if you want to hire him you have to book out one year in advance. He is the best professional beauty expert in Kolkata with a great beautician and makeup course also.

There are some renowned, popular, and talented beauty experts in Kolkata and they can respect the rich culture and tradition of the land of the Durga Goddess. The experts have years of experience of working with different brides and also these brides’ looks are different and for that, different processes of makeup are needed for different brides and the experts have done their work with these different looks of brides so efficiently. For that, the top ten makeup artists are included here and if you need to hire them you just have to contact them as soon as possible.  

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