10 Wedding Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

Your wedding day is so special to you and for that, any imperfect thing cannot be allowed. When your most awaited hopes, dreams, and fantasies come into your life it is easy to keep every small detail of tiny things that must be materialized or not to be materialized for the arrangement of some important plans and venues. If you want to look so perfectly beautiful at your wedding ceremony that you have desired for all the time you have to follow some basic tips that are included here and following these important tips you look so stunning that you have desired to be on your dreamy affair.    

1. Use The Cleanser:

India brides tend to apply bold and bright colours for their wedding ceremonies and for that they need a long-lasting look. Keeping this bold and bright look for a long time you have to begin to apply cleanser to your face well and after using the cleanser you have to pat it dry and there must not be any traces of dirt or oil on the face.    

2. Moisturize The Face:

You have to apply a moisturizer to your face to get a smooth appearance and an even skin tone. When applying cleanser, and moisturizer to your face you can’t forget this fact of moisturizing the face you have to use your fingertips for rubbing well in a circular and gentle motion. You can also apply a tinted moisturizer to your face.

3. Fix Up The Face:

You have to apply a primer to your face two minutes after moisturizing and also keep one thing in your mind that it will be well mixed. It can help to keep your concealer and foundation in place and also keep your makeup similar to when you apply it for a long time.

This is also an important fact that you have to apply a concealer to your face for hiding your spots and blemishes. Using concealer on your face can help to brighten up your skin tone and for that, you can use coloured concealer like yellow or green to hide the reddish blemishes on your skin.

After applying concealer you have to use a foundation without SPF on your face and also you need to blend it so well with a makeup brush or a sponge. You have to start to apply this foundation from the centre of the face and then apply this to the other area and also you need to blend this from the outside. You can go for a foundation with a matte finish which will be the best option for you. applying a foundation with SPF can give your face an ‘unacceptable’ flash effect in pictures and for that, you have to avoid using this foundation on your face. It will be better if you can spend a lot of time in the sun at your dreamy affair.  

Want to look glowing you have to apply a highlighter to the higher bones of the face and you have to use it on the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the centre of the forehead, and the Cupid’s bow.             

4. Apply Bronzer Tips:

You have to apply a bronzer to heavily contour the face and it also can help to look chiselled and sharped in wedding photographs.

You have to take a blush brush and it must be angular and then need to apply it with strokes to the sides of the chin but not on the centre. In this same way, you have to apply it to the sides of the forehead and to the two sides along the nose bone but don’t need to apply on the top. You need to suck your cheeks in and also apply some bronzer to the top part of the contours, near to the ear, in light strokes. You have to ensure the fact of not using it along the entire length of the contour.  

5. Follow Blush Tips:

You have to take blush on your blush brush and pat the excess off and also hold a steady smile and then you need to use it in a circular motion. After that, you have to blend it from the upper portion, towards the ears.

6. Apply Eyeshadow Tips:

Actually, Indian brides love the fact of golden eye makeup as it can match so well with their red, fuchsia, or green lehengas, ghagras, or heavy sarees, and for that, you have to go for this colour.

You have to paint your eyelids with a gold or peachy shade and also apply some charcoal shadow to the exterior lid contours to get a subtle and smoky effect. You have to apply a brown shade to the inner crease area to achieve this effect and instead of using silver eyeshadow you can choose the golden one for eye bone    

7. Follow Eyeliner Tips:

You don’t need to experiment with brown or blueliners at your big event and you can apply a plain and simple jet-black liner which can also be waterproof. You have to draw a thick line on the top and also draw a heavy line with a strong kajal on the lower eyelid and need to smudge it till the outer corner for that extra oomph.

You cannot forget for applying a volume-enhancing mascara and using mascara with curled brushes can work great for amazing and curly lashes.

You can use false lashes for accentuating and opening up your eyes and also it can make them look brighter.

You have to need a trial before your wedding’s arrival as there is no chance to fix them up if any mishaps occur on your special day.    

8. Follow Lipstick Tips:

You have to line your lips along the natural line with a color that can match your normal skin tone if you have thin lips. You need to line natural lip lines with a darker shade if you have plump lips. You have to wear that lipstick which can complement your whole look.

  • If you have bigger and fuller lips you have to wear maroon or dark red lipstick. You can try a peachy pink or light pink if you have thin lips.
  • Instead of lip-gloss, thin-lipped people can use lip plumper and large-lipped people have to use lip-gloss instead of lip plumper. When wearing lipstick you have to concentrate on the center of the lip.

 The bride-to-be has to follow some makeup tips to be prepared for wowing the multitude and the important tips are included here.

9. Go For Look Natural:

Looking perfect in your bridal look and behind this perfect bridal look, the main reason is to accentuate the best features and at the same time, your overall look has to be simple yet gorgeous. Indian brides love to wear heavy costumes and with this costume, they like to wear junk pieces of jewellery that can match the costume so well, and with this attire, simple and natural but gorgeous makeup is most necessary.      

10. Disclose your needs to the makeup artist:

After hiring a makeup artist you need to explain everything. Actually, what you need as a bridal look you have to explain so clearly that the expert can do your makeup according to your necessity. Before applying final makeup you have to explain all the matters so specifically that the artist can make your bridal look so perfectly beautiful. If you hire a new makeup artist then a trial session is a must before your wedding day’s arrival.

On your most awaited day, you always want to look so stunning and for that, you have to follow some basic important makeup tips and these tips are included here. After following the top ten makeup tips you look so gorgeous at the same time you look so nice that your all guests are becoming amazed to see your perfectly beautiful bridal look.   

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