10 Amazing Location for Pre Wedding Photoshoot In Kolkata

The ending of the wedding photo session starts but nowadays a trend is popular among the would-be couple and it is the pre-wedding photoshoot. This is a concept when the would-be couple gets a chance to make some romantic pose also they can spend these romantic moments with each other. The photographer captures these beautiful romantic moments so nicely that when you look at these pictures you can cherish those moments.

Basically, couples and their photographers choose natural outdoor locations for their pre-wedding photo sessions. The couple becomes intimate with each other for the photoshoot in front of the camera in the outdoor location. For this, you have to select the proper location where the photography sessions are done perfectly and beautifully, and therefore, ten amazing locations are included here for the pre-wedding photoshoot in Kolkata.         

  1. Hooghly Ghat:

In Hooghly ghat, there is a beautiful scene of the morning life and also there you notice a unique unison of boats, bathers, religious offerings, and local masseurs. The morning light that falls upon the ghat is so nice to see and also perfect for photography. Hooghly ghat will be smoky in the season of winter and this smoky atmosphere makes a tantalizing aroma in your photograph and in this way a special attraction is created between the would-be husband and wife. 

You may take a boat trip for capturing a beautiful picture with the Howrah Bridge behind you. Capturing more beautiful photographs you need to check out other surrounding places of Hooghly ghat and these places have to be deserted or not much crowded for the perfect photo-shoot session.   

2. Princep Ghat:

The beautiful riverfront that is a two-kilometre stretch enhances the ability of the photographer to capture amazing and fantastic pictures. Actually, this pleasant atmosphere amplifies the photographic significance. This place is popular for lovebirds to hang out and also a perfect place for pre-wedding photo sessions. Especially, early in the morning or at the brink of twilight is the best time for the photoshoot.

Actually, this classy place has a perfect combination of beautiful scenes, and the combination of this place is of white pillars, a park, railway tracks, Ganges, and a nice view of the bridge in a single view and with this natural beauty, you both can try any outfit that suits the atmosphere.         

3. New Town, Eco Park:

Eco Park is developed recently if it is compared to other places of the city. This place is one of the proper places for the perfect pre-wedding photoshoot. This place is in New Town and the main attraction areas of these places are Rose garden, Butterfly garden, Fruit Garden, Tea garden, and Eco Island. The photograph will be nice if the pictures are taken in these beautiful areas.

The visitors most probably come to visit this beautiful place and for that, this place becomes crowded but once you are there for the photo session you need to be there for the full time and within distractions, the photo session will be continued. Eco Park is the place where you get the flavour of natural beauty as there are water bodies, parks, walkways, a chance of riding the boat, and for that, all photographers want to do the photo session in this beautiful place of Kolkata.  

4. Botanical Garden:

Botanical garden is located on the west bank of the Ganges in Shibpur. This place is so beautiful and perfect for pre-wedding photo sessions. This place is for those who want to steal away for a few moments from all the prying eyes to take shelter in the lap of nature.

The famous Banyan tree, palm collection, and giant amazon lily pads of this place can offer a beautiful natural background for capturing the nice photographs of the would-be couple. You can notice a boating lake and can ride for a trip and this interesting area of this place can help to take the photograph so beautifully.

5. Maidan:

Maidan is in the west of Chowranghee and in the west of Park Street and it is a huge urban park. This extensive stretch of open land is so beautiful with the beautiful scene of the lush greenery, tram tracks, and statues. There is also nice old evidence of architecture and sculptures and these are Fort Williams, Victoria Memorial, St. Pauls Cathedral, and Birla Planetarium.

The photographers love Maidan for its vastness and beauty and for this same reason the couple also love this place and like to do the photography session. Actually, this is a huge open field and too crowded but in this crowded place, the pre-wedding photoshoot is to be completed.         

6. Victoria Memorial Hall:

While you are in Kolkata then how can you forget Victoria Memorial? This is a splendid display of British colonial architecture and there you get an unexplainable blend of European, Indian, and Persian styles.

This is so well maintained with beautiful gardens and this is also known as ‘couple hangout’ for the years and this is so perfect for the photo sessions and in this beautiful place, the couple’s photographs are captured by the photographer’s efficiency.    

7. Mallick Ghat Flower Market, Howrah:

This place might be crowded but the colorful blossoms of this market can add real beauty to your pre-wedding pictures. Carnations, sunflowers, the bundle of roses, and of course garlands of marigold create a perfect background for the pictures. You also notice the slum kids are roaming around you and you can take them and let them laugh and talk and then your photograph will be that you have to be wondered to see the beauty of this.     

8. Kumartuli:

How would you look when you pose alongside Maa Durga or Mahishasur idol? There are quarters of potters where thousands of idols are crafted perfection and this is the perfect photogenic spot. If your wedding is arranged in the season of winter you have to arrive at the place before Durga Puja when idols are to shape. This place is the epitome of Bengali tradition and in this traditional place, the couple also needs to be looked traditional.  

9. Smaranika:

Keeping the essence of Calcutta at Smaranika Tram Museum you have to do the photoshoot in this place. Tram is often most favourite prop in most Bollywood films and for that, it is time to be filmy, and capturing the filmy shot of the couple will be remembered always. For this filmy shot, you need to wear aath poure saree with a red blouse and your partner needs to try dhoti-punjabi and in this way, you both will be so perfectly beautiful couple.

10. Godrej Waterside:

This is a commercial area and there is a hidden spot and also a perfect place for the shot of the couple. There is a vast pond among the corporate building and it is also a photogenic place. The photoshoot will be done during the sunset and then the natural light of the sunset can enhance the look of the photoshoot.

The photographs are always a memorable thing to all and making the previous moment of your wedding so memorable you need to arrange the pre-wedding photo session when all the beautiful and romantic moments between you and your better-half are always remembered in this photo sessions. For these photo sessions, you need amazing places where you can capture your valuable beautiful moments and for that ten amazing places are included here, and choose one of them for your pre-wedding photoshoot.   

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